Pekingese Dog

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Pekingese dogs are dariDinasti Tang, China in the 8th century. Pekingese dogs are often referred to as the lion and is a symbol that is sacred keagaaman during the Han Dynasty, Tang, Sung, and Sun
  • Appearance
Pekingese or what we know as the Pekingese has a characteristic broad, flat head, eyes wide, short and wide muzzle, and ears are visible hanging down. The neck and legs short and thick sized Pekingese. Tail held high and arched back. Long outer feathers with heavy texture, while the fur inside is smooth and thick. Pekingese coat color varies greatly, sometimes even hitam.Warna colored feathers that are often found on the Pekingese is red and yellowish brown, so just like a lion.
Size: 30 cm - 45 cm Weight: 3.5 kg - 4.5 kg.
  • Temperament
Famous Pekingese puppy loves to play, but when mature, these dogs are calmer and like the street. Pekingese dogs are the type of companion that careful. To train it, it takes consistency and patience because these dogs have a stubborn and independent nature.
  • Grooming
Pekingese Fur perawatanyang needed intensive, so as not to tangle. Noteworthy, Pekingese as much as possible not bathed since the structure will be broken feathers
  • Health Issues
Vulnerable to health problems suffered by Chow is sensitivity (anesthetic), difficulty breathing in hot and humid air, as well as problems in the eye. In addition, the Pekingese susceptible to colds and suffer trichaiasis (eyelashes to grow toward the eyeball). Feeding too much will cause the Pekingese easily suffer from overweight. The average age ranged between 10-12 years old pekingese.

pekingese dog breed info pets animal domestic hound
Appearance Pekingese Dogs

pekingese dog breed info pets animal domestic hound
pekingese dog breed info pets animal domestic hound wallpaper
Pekingese Wallpaper
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